Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Suspend freeze on Macbook Pro 8,2 and Ubuntu Precise (12.04)

Summary of my findings since the original post:

  • Kernel 3.5 has full wifi N support for the bcm4331! However, the AMD catalyst driver needs a patch to work with kernels >3.3 (as of 8.60), and even then, something freezes the macbook solid upon opening the lid waay too often.
  • The default ubuntu works well with bcm4331, actually. There is a bug in pm-utils though that it does not consider /etc/pm/config.d/modules for some reason. You should enter the line

    SUSPEND_MODULES="b43 bcma"

    in the file /usr/lib/pm-utils/defaults file instead (comment it out in /etc, just in case). Since then, no problems with suspend with the stock kernel!


Pierre said...

Thanks for that, it works fine on my Macbook Pro 8,2!

Damien said...

Thanks for the post but I tried this and now it doesn't go into suspend at all. This is on a Macbook8,1 running Kubuntu 12.04 which was upgraded from 11.10.

Any thoughts on what may be happening?

Ibi & Agoston said...

Updated post with most recent findings! Thanks for the feedback!

Pierre said...


where do you find/how do you install this new Kernel? I couldn't find the PPA...


Pierre said...

I followed the following documentation: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds

And installed the 3.4.0 kernel available here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.4-precise/

And after a reboot, the suspend command seems to work pretty well!

I hope this kernel will also improve my WiFi connection...

Thanks again!

Pierre said...

Argh... those new kernels conflict with fglrx drivers (not supported).

I'd rather have a proper graphic card support than a suspend support, so I'll go back to 3.2 kernel and wait for better days!